Desirée Chek

About Me

I’m an Experience Designer with a history of working in eMental healthcare. I uncover problems and design accessible, human-centred, and research-driven solutions.

I’m guided by my desire to create for social good and design meaningful experiences that improve people’s lives. I am excited about eHealth and the application of emerging technologies such as AI to improve health outcomes.

My design philosophy is that good design is...

1. Research-driven
My problem-solving approach begins with research. I enjoy untangling complex challenges to identify the real problems.

2. Human-centred
At the heart of my design process are the humans who are impacted by my work. I believe in co-designing with users to develop more meaningful experiences for them.

3. Accessible
Designing for diverse needs and abilities should not be a barrier, but a standard that leads to more usable experiences. I believe in the importance of including diverse voices and honouring lived experience.

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